Rainbreak Weather

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Rainbreak Weather does not collect, store nor transmit any personal information. Your location is transmitted to provide you with location-based weather services. Your location history is collected and stored locally on the device, and will never be transmitted without your explicit consent. Thumodynamic does not otherwise collect, store, nor transmit any information generated by Rainbreak Weather.

Application Permissions

Rainbreak Weather requires the following permissions:

  • Precise location - Weather and rainfall forecasts are provided based on your location.
  • Network access - An online connection is required to access the latest weather information.
  • View network connections - Downloading the weather is only attempted if an online connection is detected.
  • Run at startup - Applies only when notifications are enabled. Starts the background rain notification service.


Rainbreak Weather contains information from Environment Canada and National Resources Canada licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada. You can read the full license at http://open.canada.ca/en/open-government-licence-canada.